30.09. Recording for a Confrontation (Performance) Standards Milano

23.09. 2pm, Stream Play with Sound Joined Rooms (Performance) Werkschau, Haus Konstruktiv Zurich

19.-21.07. Feminist Fictions Research School Archivio dei Movimenti Genova

16.07. 7pm, Reading Climbing Monuments with A Record, Drawings and Projections (A shabby reading on whiteness, reproductive labour and dust) Phasenweise nicht produktiv, Fahrender Raum Munich


new publication:

book launch, flyer, OOR Zurich 2018, booklaunch video by Katherine MacBride


this is the website soon containing the recordings, writings, performances, social interventions and gatherings by Romy Rue'quelle, Olive Michel and other names : : : send an e-mail for requests to: rmy @














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08/2018, Romy Rüegger






Berlin 2018










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